Delivery Information

Delivery Related FAQ ?

When you will receive your order?

Once you are done selecting your products and click on checkout you will be prompted to select delivery slot. Your order will be delivered to you on the day and slot selected by you. If we are unable to deliver the order/ certain items of the order during the specified time duration (this sometimes happens due to unforeseen situations) we will certainly deliver the remaining items the next working day (except Sundays being a holiday and other National holidays) . If payment has been paid online and if the products remain undelivered for the next 5 working days, the amount shall be refunded back to account.

How are fruits and vegetables packed?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are handpicked and hand cleaned (however depending from the nature of the product received by us from the sources). We ensure hygienic and careful handling of all our products.

How are the fruits and vegetables weighed?

Every fruit and vegetable varies a little in size and weight. While you shop we show an estimated weight and price for everything priced by kilogram. At the time of delivery we weigh each item to determine final price. This could vary by 5% at maximum. Therefore if you have shopped for something that costs Rs. 50 per kg, and we deliver 1.5 kg of the product to you (ex. cabbage, pineapple), you will still be charged a maximum of Rs. 60. In case the weight of the product is lesser than what you ordered, you will pay correspondingly less.

How will the delivery be done?

We have a dedicated team of delivery personnel and a fleet of vehicles/ two wheelers operating across the city which ensures timely and accurate delivery to our customers.

What is Same Day Delivery?

Meghabazzar provides same day delivery. All you have to do is order before 1pm and we will deliver it to you the same day evening*. Any order placed after 1pm will be delivered the next day (currently 5-7pm delivery slot only, 10-12am slot will be introduced shortly).

What is Pre-Order Delivery?

Some vegetables/ leafy vegetables cannot withstand certain temperature/humidity. To retain their freshness these items has been listed in the pre-order button. Meghabazzar also provides delivery for these pre-ordered items. All you have to do is place the order anytime or leave an offline message or SMS to our phone number or email to and list your requirement and we will deliver the same by the next working day so that fresh items are delivered to you. If other items are added along with the pre-order items, all items will be delivered at the same time.

What is Express Delivery?

At times of Emergency you may want the items to be delivered to you instantly, meghabazzar can also provide express delivery for your needs however an express charge of Rs. 50 will be added. All you have to do is place the order by phone only at  Sales 9089010980 to confirm availability of items.

Are the items actually the same as shown in the image?

As vegetables & fruits vary in size and shape. The actual product will definitely vary from the one shown in the product image and their actual weight may vary at the time of delivery . For example 2Kg of Potato ordered may show 1.950Kg  or 2.015 Kgs at the time of delivery.

Are the vegetables and fruits freshly delivered?

As the vegetables & fruits are handpicked before delivery, care is taken that the items are carefully checked before dispatch (depending on the nature of products received from sources). However if the customer feels that a particular item is not satisfactory the same may be returned to the delivery person instantly or you may send an email to notifying your complaint. In unseen circumstances i.e. what remains inside the vegetable or fruit, we definitely cannot assure its replacement once used. We therefore recommend customers to kindly add a comment to specific requirement  while checking out, whether fruits should be ripe or unripe, small or big sized items.

Are the vegetables and fruits reasonable in price?

Meghabazzar has opted the Iewduh Market or Burra Bazzar Market as the yardstick in pricing. Considering the radius of consumption, the rates of items listed in the website has been taken effectively to be at par or considerably higher/lower than the Iewduh/BurraBazar rates which fluctuates on a daily basis. Sometimes the amount in the final printed bill may vary from the amount of  bill while you are checking out, this will be purely on the prevailing rates at the time the order is printed out for packaging. If you mad made payment on checkout, the excess amount can be paid by cash at time of delivery.

Are the vegetables and fruits organic?

Presently the vegetables & fruits offered by are basically common vegetables that are available from sources. Effort is being made to introduce organic vegetables in our item list. Once the organic items are available, meghabazzar will introduce separate button for them.